Your way finder looks a lot lighter in the photo than it shows online for the store

Well the middle section is kind of reflective so the lighting changes the colouring, if it’s under a lot of light it’s a lot lighter than if not. It’s gorgeous though, I fully recommend the pink. I was gonna buy one based on someones main colour in Kingdom Hearts… Like I considered getting green because of Ven, or red or yellow because of Sora… but in the end I just thought about it in that if I had my very own in the game it would be pink so… ^-^ xx

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Omg where did you get your way finder?!!

I actually just edited the post because I should’ve put it on there, but I got it from here [x] xx

It’s literally one of the prettiest things I own. I cannot. Thank you shinypaopu! Without you posting your picture of yours I wouldn’t have mine ^-^

EDIT: I should’ve probably put this in the first place but it’s from here

Even if you’re not interested in buying a Wayfinder they also sell stuff from Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, Digimon, Zelda and so much more stuff! So you really should check it out, it’s really really nice quality and I haven’t seen anything like this before! ^-^ x

please post some photos of your wayfinder now and tomorrow!! I'm really intrigued!!!

Okay, but don’t be put off because they’re probably gonna be rubbish photos because the lighting is rubbish in my room!! xx

Also, my beautiful new wayfinder arrived today but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to post photographs because natural light is so much better and it’s like 1am :/

Look who joined my family todayyyyyyyyy!!!! I can’t explain how much I love my lil Ozzzz!! ❤️


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